“Seemed we were” – |59|

Like in a sort dream, where our worst nightmares were cames out. 
We could hear the sound of Whale that it was still continuing to call the souls of the dead behind of that shield. Her song was become a continuos sound and it was slow and hypnotic.
Seemed, even, that she knew what it was our duty. Well in someways she knew it. Everybody knew it, we even, but we had to still digest it.
We stood all night wake, but we remained in silence, embraced among the arms of the other.
The only thing that it was making us feel alive, was our breathe, that at each exhalation it was merging one in another.
Sometimes i have lifted the face toward your, and our eyes were meeting.
In the silence of that storage room, now, the Whale song, seemed resounding more, and in our heads, we looking for to rembember her grunt when she was jailed in the sewers.
It has chilled us, when, by chance, a deep sound of her, it has reminded us it.
That sound got us back in time when i was about to sucked by The Nothing, and everything what we had created were about to be swallow.
In those instants our hearts has started to beat like crazies. We knew, we were thinking at the same thing, without never have pronnounced a word, since when we were entered in that room: our last hiding place, before have to exceed all bordelines of Blue City.
Above the door, the cold light was illuminating the room,and it seemed get chilling itself more in those hours, while we seemed get more hot, but were just our hearts that were pulsing faster the blood in our veins. 
In reality, we were freezing, and we wanted conviced ourselves that it could be exist another way to defeat Zora, but in our deepest, we were aware that those one, it was the only way to make Blue City shine again.
From there, from that storage room we were been capable to make get out from the sewers, a giant like the Whale, that was finishing to call the last souls beyond the the only piece of blue sky of the city. 
In the past we had faced up to The Nothing, facing up our big fears, and at that time, we had tought it was the biggest proof that we had faced. We were wrong!
By the time, Zora had developed an evilness bigger and stronger than The Nothing, and she had reduced Blue City in the city which it was now: moldy and smelly, with creatures scared, even to make a false step, and to be beaten up till death.
Just after few days that we were landed in this transformed Blue City, we have destabilized the balance that Zora had built in years and years, and maybe she have would brought Blue City to the itself destruction, if we weren’t arrived trought that journey trought that black hole.
And now that these thoughts crossing our minds, the Mantis’ words, seeemed no devoid of sense.
We were still embraced, one among the arms of the other, when the Whale stopped herself to sing, and in Blue City it was hearing just the buzz of the liquid sky. 
It was a slow buzz that was entering in our heads. It seemed it was hammering us from inside.
It seemed waiting for an our reply. We were look at each other for a second, and in that second we have decided our whole destiny and the fate of Blue City.”



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