“Everybody there” – |58|

Knew that it was the moment to movin’ ourselves, and that it was for us, to exceed all the borderlines tll to that manhole of the centre of Blue City. 
Everbody looked at Mantis, who, despite her weakeness, she wanted say us something important. 
She knew more military things than us put together, even more than Rhino.
Throught her gaze, we understood that within few hours, we would have had to cross all the borderlines and we would have open the dances, good or bad; whatever they were been.
Everybody in there, had their eyes set on us, and for a second that seemed to last an eternity, we were look at each other, without to know what we have would to do arrived to that rusty bench.
On the table, was still a bottle of Luminescent, and i have poured it a nice dose in an empty glass and i’ve drunk it all in one hit. Gradually that liquid decreasing, was changing color. I was nervous, and there was no need that i said a word. The Luminescent was speaking on behalf mine.
It wasn’t like the first time, when uncosciously, we had crossed the borderlines and we sat on that bench. 
Now, we were aware of the evilness of Zora: of what she would could do. She would have could to spread other death among the inhabitants survived, and the Whale would not help us no longer.
All that thoughts were crossing fast in our minds, and our eletric shocks seemed going crazy, and in some ways, it seemed that our friends, could see them. 
But we knew, that it was what we would have to do.
“Please stop think…” said us Mantis, as if she wanted said us:”We know what are your thoughts”. In someways they were tangible in the air. Our hearts were in turmoil and the latest sips of Luminescent i drunk, was about to explode on my face.
“You are forget who we have by our side … the Runic Fairies…”
Yes, she had right, we had forgot those tiny, but powerful creatures.
Mantis waitied for it was fallen a bit calm among us.
While we threw away a bit of air from the lungs and we have tightned our hands one in another.
With a soft but resolute tone of voice, she started to speak, like one who if had faced up to many battles.
“Surely, in these moment, Zora is counting her losses. What we have passed before, it’s nothing respect than you will must in the next hours.” she left those words suspended in the air as if she wanted us to understand out for ourselves what to do.
What that she wasn’t asking us verbally, she was asking it us with her round eyes. And it wasn’t only her demand: it was a demand that came from whole Blue City.
Slowly, even Lizard, the Chameleon woman and the Rhino, has understood what we would must to do, once arrived next to the manhole. The Mantis’ words:”You will be surrounded by the Runic Fairies, and they will protect you”  but didn’t had assured us at all.
But we knew, that it was what we had must to do, and we knew it well.
We were look at each other for a second, we held back our hands one in another, then we have look at the others who staring us without breathing. 
Just a whisper from Mantis flew in the air:”Go to rest. They are wait for us frenetic hours.”
We got up  from that table, as if we were been enveloped by a floating veil and our all our thoughts disappeared. 
We were floating in the void like two ghosts.
We arrived in the storage room. We closed the door. Without say a word, we lay on the bed camp, and we tightened us strong.
We haven’t, even turned off the cold light.”


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