Like a flow

You are investing me with your embrace and you whisper me everything what you are feeling in these instants. Our eletric shocks crossing slowly our minds and they arrives in the stomach. I must to close the eyes and throw away all the oxygen.ย 
My soul is starting to shake. I feeling your hands enveloping me tight.
Your voice is far, but i know you are saying me something. My heart is beating strong.
Our connection is starting like this.
My heart is beating like a crazy, the eletric shocks are crossing the minds, and i feel your soft touch surrounding my belly.ย 
Sowelo is in front of me: we know it does means, and your closiness it is making closer.ย 
You lift my face and our eyes meeting. I throw away the air from the lungs, because if i don’t make it, i would go crazy, and you know this.
I can’t swallow. I’m shaking always more.
When our connection is around us, everythting is more magic.
Your hands are the only things that i want feel on my body, and your eyes are the only place where i can dive myself, and the silence is the only sound i want feel interrupted by our hearts that beat at unison.
I whisper you only three words….you know what they are.


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