“There was a silence” – |57|

That it was chilling us in that local, when the Whale started to sing, and an apparentely tranquillity it was spreading in the city, but we knew that it was only the calm before the storm.
For a while we had listened to the Whale song. It was a different song: more slow, more profound, and in some ways, more spiritual
The Rhino, as if  didn’t wanted breake away that song, in a sigh said us: “She’s calling all the souls of every who has die….. look!” Holding back the breathe, we have took a look outside the window, and with wide eye open, we were assisting to a macabre, but at the same moment, to the most incredible and moving scene that Blue City was accomplishing.
Slowly, one by one, each creature souls was coming out from their dead bodies, and they were following the Whale song, and they were crossing the invisible shield, from where the Whale it was calling them, and one by one were taking  live again, but under ethereal form, and slowly, really slowly, we have could see each creature who was die in that terrible thunderstorm. 
You held back my hand, when you have recognized the tree that you was looking at while was dying on the concrete of the street of the city, few hours before. For a second our glances meeting, while our hearts has stopped to pulse blood in the veins. Everybody in that local had a chill along the back.
We remained stand still behind the big window to stare the whole scene, that it has lasting several minutes. 
The Whale song must had to exceed all the bordelines of Blue City, and it arrived till the manhole in the centre of the city. It made shake the sewers. 
When it has started to fall again a soft rain, we were look at eachother, and our thoughts went to Bill caged down there. We remained still enchated by the sound of the Whale,  for a bit, while others souls were flying toward the liquid sky, beyond the shield.
We weren’t able to awakening ourselves from what we were listening to and seeing. Everything seemed in awaiting for something: but what?
The awaiting, in that local, it was not long in coming.
Mantis, got up herself, from her bed rest and she came outside from the little room. She leaned herself on the counter and she cough for to catch the attetion of the others present in the room. Everybody there, spinned and the Chameleon woman and me, went to help her to reach the table. 
She was still weak. I gave her immediately a glass of Luminiscent, she thanked me, and she drunk some sips.
Now, she hadn’t no more her red coat, but a simple white sponge bathrobe.  
Slowly everybody got back at the table, while still we have could hear the Whale that calling those souls behind the shield, trought her song.
We knew that Mantis wanted said us something important. We, everybody have looked at her patiently.
“Now, Zora know what is you real potential, and it’s very powerful, she will doesn’t waste other time.
I did not rembember that song of the Whale. She sang that sad melody the very first time she was caged under the sewers, and then it has became only a grunt. Now it has became a call for all those souls, but it’s even, a double edged weapon, and i think Zora know that…”
We were look at us, and in a sigh you have said:”That’s why the first creature she has caught has been the Whale… We have to move as as soon as possible…”
In those seconds even the others were realizing what Mantis had said and you have understood it, without let finish her speech.
Without realizing, we were in a little advantage than Zora.
We had to take courage, and go ahead.
The Whale, not only, was calling the souls of the all dead creatures, behind that liquid sky, but she was forming an army, ready to be hurled against Zora.”


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