You are

In front of me and without say nothing you have explained me everything. 
Even, you are realizing that something surreal is happening between us, and you want to understand it.
Our connection is surrounding you and you can feel my closiness, as me, i feel your around me.
We entering in Our Parallel World from different point of our path. 
You are seeing me coming to you. 
Our hearts are beating strong, and what that till now, i thought it was just fuit of my imagination, it is revealing something real.
Our connection has staterd four years ago, from that dream, and now we are still here with our heads that are going crazy. 
Our eletric shocks that warn us on what we are about to do, and your last made me understand one thing… 
We are saying us many things under these little gestures, that only us, we can collect.
My punch in the stomach is growing always more, and you have made me understand that now, slowly, we are really entering in Our Parallel World.
Delicatly i feel your hands tightening my hips.
Our hearts are going crazy.
You are looking at me and i just can hold back the breathe.



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