“After that” – |54|

Roar, we were rough wakening from that atmosphere we had created, by several screams and they weren’t the screams that we had listened one of the very first time. They were scream of real fear, terror and someone was screaming Bill’s name.
In Blue city it was unleashed the real terror.
We had started the fight, without realizing that we could put in danger the inhabitants.
And another scream has pietriefied us: “Bill!!!!!!!!!!”
We came out running crossing the alley, and in front of us it was presenting an apocalyptical scene. Thunders, lightening, rain, spirals of wind that was sucking inside creatures unaware of their fate, while the two groups of the Rhino Patrol wandering undisturbed in the main boulevard, making their job, which they were be paid for: to create mess and panic.
We entered in Bill local. But it was empty. The few tables, were overturned, broken glasses and bottles in everywhere, snatched curtains, and none sign of Bill.
We looked at eachother with out heart in throat.
We had throw the city in the total chaos. We were pushing ourselves beyond our capacity. And now we had put in real danger the city without have a strategy of  counterattack.
We were about to exit from that, by now, destroyed local, when something softly touched my leg. I saw it and i remained breathless. It was the Blue City postcard that Bill had and it was crumpled and torn, while you was collecting it from the ground, the wind  was entering in that empty four walls, sweeping away everything.  
After a big thunder, as in a flashback, Zora have wanted to show us what has happened there, as soon we had left the local.
The Rhino who was looking at us, got up himself and he went at our table where Bill and Lizard still speaking, and he has asked Bill what he was hiding, just after few attempts, the rhino has taken Bill with force from the table, with Lizard who could not do nothing to help his friend, by now, surrounding by all the group of the Rhino ready to use the batons. 
After a couple of threats, a defeated Bill, pulled out from under his apron, the Blue City postcard and he has stretched his shaking hand, giving it to the leader who has take a  rapid look to what was, then he has crampled it threw it on the floor, torning it, and he taken Bill with the force, dragging him out the local, while Lizard was stopped by others two of the group of the Patrol.
It was useless ask where they were taking him, having saw that they had exceeded all the borderlines of the city.
And that latest heartbreaking scream that we had listened to in the storage room, was by the Chameleon woman who was watching Bill being swallowed inside the Zora’s sewers.”


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