“We got back” – |53|

In the alley,  for get back in the storage room. 
The raindrops were able to cross, also that little roof that got arriving till the end of the street trought tiny slots, and each single drop that faling on the wet floor, it was resounding in that dark and narrow alley.
Our hands were tighted one in another.
We knew what it would be happened, as soon we were entered in that storage room, but it was like if we were  dening it.
On the ground, in front of our door, it was formated a little puddle of water and the sound of the raindrops, now it was resounding around and inside the room.
As soon entered in that room, we looked  at each other just one second, and right after, we kissed us passionately. 
That one your shirt, was immediately, threw away on the floor, and walking backwards, you have took me close to the bed camp, and as me i have snatched your shirt, you have threw me on the matress. You have looked at me, while you kneeled  yourself in front of me, and without wait for a second more, with a dry stroke you have opened my legs, snatching my panties, you have made me began to moan, starting to play inside me with your finger.
I have started to unfastened you the pants, and when, even you, didn’t have nothing on, i perched myself on your body, slowly i felt your penetration got inside me.
We have wandering in the room, when you have me put on that round table, and there you have began to push yourself inside me always more, and always more fast, while from outside we could listen the thunderstorm increase. 
The fight was begining in those instants. 
Your desire was growing in always more a soft wet craddle and i was opening always more to you. 
Seemed that our souls were merging one in another always more at each your push you gave me, and at each my moans you got excite yourself  more, and in that storage room was rising up an invisible shield that Zora was trying to break down with hers thunderstorm and lightening.
You was taking me from the hips, and with force, you was pulling me inside you, while our glances didn’t took off one from another. You was entering in me always more and you was leaving me always more breathless, but i could take it again, diving me in your eyes. 
The moment was about to arrive. We were about to explode at the same instant. 
Your pushes were about to touch the pleasure, and everything around us seemed was about to explode with us. Your lips didn’t wanted broke away from mine and our tongues were going crazy.
After that magical explosion, inside me there were little contractions that made me still enjoy, and you have wanted feel them, and when i have the eyes close, softly your finger have penetrated me once again, and slowly everything faded.
Our glances met again. Sweetly, we smiled us, and a roar of a thunder made it shake Blue City, while the rain was decreasing.
We remained in silence for a while. 
Everything seemed stand still. The Zora’s anger it was breathing in the air, but we could not say  that we had marked a point at our favor, but something good was happened. Or it was what we had believed.”


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