Here you are

Sweetly embracing me and i feel the rustle your shirt against my back, and i close the eyes and i’m think about tonight. I can feel, you’re whispering:”It’s been beautiful”. 
You spin me toward to you, and our eletric shocks delicately start to cross our minds.
I close the eyes and your delicate perfume surrounding me.
You whisper me to open them. I remain overwhelm by what i have in front. You. 
My heart start to beat at unison with your. They are beating strong, and we remain breathless. Our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast.
It’s there that is born our connection. 
Our slow movements make born again our slow dance.
Your hands on my hips and my hands on your chest, and  sweetly slide inside the shirt, and it slowly falling over your shoulder, and you let me do it. 
Your words whispered take us in Our Parallel World. 
Our glances one in another and we remain in silence, transported by our feelings. 
I’m shaking and i feel you delicately are shaking too. 
In these instants our connection is strong, despite our distance.
I close the eyes and i feel your hands, your breathe, your perfume around me. 
Our connection is this slow dance and our souls merging, while we don’t take our gaze off one from another. 
We are silently whispering us our desires. Our emotions are exploding at the same instants. We need to throw away the air from the lungs.
Our connection is wrapping us strongly.


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