“We looked” – |37|

At each other profoundly, and we had shared that gaze even with Bill, who came at our table, and slowly approached himself a staggering chair and he sat himself on it, and he shared his glance once again with us in silence, looking at outside the local where Lizard still spoken with the beautiful Chameleon woman.
“I will say you: it will be not an easy thing.” said us Bill looking at me, then you, and then he continued:”The borderlines aren’t easy to cross, as you have could see”
Now Bill was putting us in front many little obstacles that we would have to exceed. 
We listening to him carefully, and you was looking at him then me, without say any words. 
You knew, that i had studied the plan in each tiny particulars.
I made Bill finish, and i was about to talk, when Lizard entered in the local, still all red in his wrinkled face. Still embaressed he sat at our table, and pretending that nothing was happened with a cough, he said us:”Hey what’s up? What are you talking about?” That  moment made us relax a bit, and on our face is born a little smile. 
But suddenly we returned back serious, and without have said nothing, Lizard had understood the interrupted speech. He had still a little smile on his face, but with all seriousness of the case, he said us:”I given to the Chameleon woman a good tip to play the double game, when i left her, she had already at her door a possible Zora’s follower. I will check her new clients when they will come out from her apartment” and then his face has become again all red.
Then i returned to look at Bill, and i said:”Just after  the Chamaleon’ story, i have understood that when we were out and i poured some tears, the Runic Fairies have collect them, and i have understood that more the emotions are the purest, more their power is the greatest, and now that we landed in this Blue City, we can turn over the situation.
Since when we have made the first time the love, here, we have understood the power we had.”
You remained in silence, but i could feel your hand soft touching mine under the table. Your touch was giving me the strenght to say everything, and i could see you with the corner of the eye, your gaze set on me, and i was feeling like a swollen river, and my heart was beating strong and it was beating at unison with your.
I taken a deep breathe looking at you, bringing our hands on the table, i said:”It will could be dangerous, but one time that we will have, even us, a little army, in each borderlines, we could cross all them again, and  we could launch our magic directly in Zora’ sewers thank to the Runic Fairies.” and in a whisper you said, looking at me:”In this way, it will be like a shock wave, that it will start from the center and it will destroy all this greyness…” you have finished my speech with an unique simplicity, that i remained breathless.
Our glances were met, and in an instant everything around us disappeared. 
Another of our great emotions was surrounding that little piece of borderline, strengthening the shield of  Blue City.”


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