“Who entered” – |36|

Left everybody breathless and in someways it scared us a bit.
We looking at  this creature, and in its eyes we could see its discomfort.
But when my glance met its eyes, something in its behaviour changed.
Who entered in the that local was the Chameleon woman.
From Bill gaze, i have understood that she had never put her feet inside of his local, and from when she has taken that little apartment in the alley, she never come out, they were their hosts who leaving that apartment, and they left tranformated and they would do everything she would asked them. 
She was a charmer. And in someways she had charmed even me, with her beauty.
Bill, Lizard and you, were looking at our approach, and under the table i have could feel your hand tight my leg, in a sign of  warning.
I looked at you, and in a sigh, i said “Don’t worry. Let me do” and i tighted your hand, smiling you in the sweetest way.
She was stand still at the entrance, and we didn’t take off our glances.
I made her a tiny signal to approach to our table, while all eyes were set on her, while  i shyly smiling her, making her understand that there was no any risk. 
Kindly i said her to seat at our table, and always with a sweet tone, i asked her if she would have want take something. She said nothing. She was looking me at only. So, i called Bill, who remained to see the entire scene next the counter, and i have said him:”Bill, please take us the Luminescent” and Bill just nodded and he went to got prepare it.
Just only when we have had the glass in front, the Chameleon woman, has stared us at, and with a silky tone of voice, she began to speak.
“What i have seen earlier, it has opened my eyes. I never imagined that above the grey clouds, there was another reality, still more beautiful of that i got used to see. I was an human being, just a child, when Zora killed my parents, and her experiments has transformed me in what you see right now, and she taught me how to use my charm to convince the inhabitants to pass at her side. Till now my life has been this… but when i saw what you was been capable to do just with  your feeling, something has made click inside me, and to see the real Blue City’ sky, made me understood that i was to the wrong side. I want repair to all the mistakes i’ve done.”
She seemed take again breathe, while she was drinking some sips of Luminescent that it was changing colors quickly, and even her skin was in continuos changing.
Seemed she was a swollen river, while said us her story, and seemed that she hadn’t ever done before. Then she looked at me, as if she had took off a heavy weight, and she seemed lighter.
In the local you were there too, but she seemed she had spoke only with me. In someways it was so.
In a whisper i said her:”You haven’t make any mistakes, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. But now i ask you to make another sacrifice: pretend to charm people, creatures for Zora, as you always done, but this time, make it for us. What you have seen before, it’s just the very step to conquer again Blue City and make it bright again. I know it’s very dangerous, but…” i didn’t have finish to talk, and the Chameleon woman have nodded, and i have looked at Lizard, and i have siaid to him:”You can show her how you make” and i saw Lizard, for the very first time in real embaressement, making himself ahead, and he took off his pointed helmet and he presented himself.
In all this, you remained speechless, while caressing my leg, under the table, while you was looking at me silently. 
I could feel your heart beating hard, and my hand, under the table, was softly touching your.
At the end the Chameleon woman said us:”I didn’t ever figured that one day i would will see Blue City rise again, and thank to your emotions…Thank you” I smiled her while i touching her arms. Her skin was become that intense pink, and we saw her leaving the local with Lizard, still a bit embaressed.
Finally we remained alone, while Bill was behind the counter.
We looked one in another, we caressed our faces and in a sigh you have said me:”You are fantastic…” and slowly you lips leaned on mine.”


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