“While slowly

fairbanks05pluniformeWe were coming out from this sensual atmosphere, you was looking at me sweetly, and what i was looking at in your eyes, it was that you was still feel what you had felt few minutes earlier. The esplosion of our emotions in our bodies at the same moment.
What i could see in your eyes was a shadow of the past that now it was reconciled with itself and that glance full of love had a depth in which for the very first time i could really loose myself.
We were staring eachother, with our heads lay on the pillows, face to face, and all around us there was tenderness. Tenderness in our glances. Tenderness in our caresses. Tenderness in our shy smile, and above the tenderness was in our hearts and in our souls and that tenderness was wrapping us.
It seemed, we didnt wanted awaken from all this.
That dream and what we had done after, it seemed  had had put it right something in our past life. Maybe we have would discover it or also not. But now what we were listening to, were our hearts explode and our gazes didnt wanted break away one from another.
It seemed impossible, but our love seemed growing up always more.
And after that dream, it seems we had strenghtened it from the past,  from it where it came from.
We looked at eachother again. We shyly smiled at eachother, and slowly we looked for to shake ourselves and resurface from that soft and sensual atmosphere, that it seemed swallowing us from inside.
We settled on the backrest of the bed. We hadnt say still nothing.
We were looking at eachother still thinking about what was happened, but slowly we returning back to the reality.
We had take a look outside of the window, and it was still day, and we could hear Big One call back The Little One, who instead was running toward Bathuè who was comeback from the Burn Valley.
Suddenly, i looked at you with wide eye open and i esclaimed ‘Bathuè!’ and i putted myself on the border of the bed. I was getting up, but you holded back my hand and sweetly, you have made me fallen again on the bed, even holding my hips. You had made me fallen in your arms.
Seconds later, we stared eachother and you had touching my lips with your, you have said me ‘A moment…’.
We were lay in the bed, face to face, you have whispered me ‘I love you much’.
I could only staring you and sigh, cause it was the same i was feeling.
Our hearts were beating hard in that moment and slowly we were about to be wrapped by that sensantion, if i wasnt been able to give you a sweet slap on your leg.
Both, we wanted stay wrapped again in that feeling, but in that exact moment, there were our guys who wanted us.
We looked at eachother sighing.”


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