“When we awoke

We had still realized that we had made the same dream and that wrapping sensation was still in the air and that desire was growing in us always more.
You still wanted kiss me and my breath got faster and faster each seconds were passing by.
We looked at eachother another few seconds and right after we had continuing to kiss eachother ardently, as if that kiss of the past, was interrupted by something or someone.
reading24forteOur lips seemed kiss themselves for the very first time.
We werent us those of the present, but those of the past and in someways, we were merging eachother. Past and present time, were there, in that act of love.
Delicatly but at the same with passion you was touching my belly. You had lift up my dress, looking for between my legs, something wonderfully magic and wet.
Our glances didnt wanted break away, but at the same time we wanted feel our toungues playing one against another. Those kisses were passionately wild.
Your love was at the same time soft and rough. You had snatch my briefs and when you had touched me inside, i was to explode already but i was able to hold back my passion till you have penetrated me wildly. Our moanings were merging one another. I was awaiting for you, but when you had lifted my hands over my head, i have could scream all my passion with you who had flood me with your warm fluid.
That orgasm seemed had no end. The contractions were slow and long.  Me, i seemed hold back you inside me, and our breathes didnt wanted got slow down.
We looked at eachother still desirous to continue to feel that endless sensation inside of us, again and again.
You have looked at me and slowly you have started again to move your hips, but this time was more delicate. This time, we were us, but were back in present.
I looking at you while my moanings had starting again. Your strikes were little and dry and continuous. We looking at eachother and this time
our lips were softly touching. Our intenses glances were between sweet smiles, caresses and whispers.
We reached the second orgasm and to the end we were exhausted.
We had let finish the contractions just only staring eachother.
You looked at me while i still issued little moans because i could feel your pulsations still inside of me. It seemed, you was hearing the most beautiful sound in that moment, and while everything was fading, you approached yourself to me and you have kissed me sweetly.


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“While slowly ⇒

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