“We still

Looked at eachother still for a second in silence, but after i sweetly slapped your leg two times, as if i wanted you awakening you from something you didnt wanted left. You staring me as dazed.
‘Let’s go… they awaiting for us…’
vanguard_catturascuriFinally you have shake yourself and you have took my hand and, arrived to the stairs, you have took me in your arms and we went down. During that short travel, i putted my free hand on your chest. It seemed, in that moment, we did existed only us.
They were six or seven stairs, and each time in that stairs, it was happening something magic. Our bond, it seemed link us always more.
This time, you have done those stairs slower than ever, and you eyes were set on me as mine were staring at you. To the end you have made me slide on your body and you assured yourself that i was landed. These little gestures were the maximum of love of a man toward a girl like me, and that man was you. What it came out from my mouth, i have said it with all my heart. ‘I love you, you dont know how much’ and you had looked at me.
When we had opened the door, on the meadow in front of the appartement, there were Bathuè and The Little One, who speaking.
The Little One was looking for extort some informations that Bathuè had collected wandering in Our Parallel World, but Bathuè was determined to say what he had discover only to us.
By now, the ritual was the same. The others slowly coming around us, while you gently you was helping me to sit and your habit, was to sit behind me and wrapping me with your embrace. I must have been used to it, but eachtime it was like the very first time. I was holding back the breathe and i slowly i was spinning my face toward you, and our glances meeting and in that gaze there was everything what in that moment we could not say.
You have spoken ‘So Bathuè, let tell us!’.
Bathuè had started to speak and his voice was not that we had heard in Blue City. A puppy voice, but instead was the mature voice. A voice of a warrior, ready to fight a battle, already.
He said ‘The land is well protected, by the great mountain in the Burn Valley and by the enchantment i have could see around’ and to these words we looked at eachother, we have shyly smile us and our hands had themselves tight.
He has continued ‘My parents were been able to encircle The Nothing in that grey twirl in the Blue City. They had said to the inhabitants that slowly it would be die in its slow vortex, but they were not be able to know in how long. The Little One said me, that some its followers had tried to invade again Your world trought the Burn Valley, but they has failed.’
‘Yes’ you have nodded. I was throw myself against your chest, as if i looking for refuge in your arms from that bad memory. You had felt it and you had tight me, whispering me ‘Dont worry’
‘I must see from where you came in your world. The Nothing could have left a little chink outside that entrance, and they can find it. I can place me there, as guardian for the moment’.
We looked at eachother stunned for what he had said us. A puppy as the guardian.
To the begin we had thought it was a crazyness, but right after, looking at him, thinking about what was happened in the grey zone of the Blue City, we had throw away the air from the lungs and we had looked at Bathuè then Little One, who could not wait to accomplish his important task.
Bathuè was a warrior and he came from a family of great warriors, but when we had felt him laughing with his puppy voice, playing with The Little One, we looked at eachother breathless.”


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“We were asking ⇒


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