“While slowly” – ○293○


I was sliding my hand in your shirt I have could feel your heart got calm, and we remained embraced so for several minutes.

Your breathe was wrapping me, and you was continuing tell me what you had seen.
The sun so bright, the alley from which they have go through the two worlds. You was telling me the danger that they had faced up to.
Then you have said me: “I have discover something more”, and your voice has become more profound than usually.
I lifted my face from your chest and our eyes meeting.
“Did you remember the very first night we had slept under that tree, and then we had realise that we were that we made the sun go down and we made the moon up?” I have nodded.
In a whisper you have said me: “You was been you that you accomplish that magic.”

I had the heart in the throat. I was unable to swallow. Your eyes were the only thing that I have could and I wanted see, in that moment.
“I’ve just realised it in the exact instant you have opened the eyes. You’re the light of the day, and the light of the night, I’m not able to make these magic.”

I was looking at you dazed.
You had took my hands, and you have whisper: “You are the most incredible girl I ever known”. With these words, the most magic, you have awoke me up from a state of total confusion: was still there something we had to know about us that we didn’t still know?

You was looking at me, and I was still elaborating what you had just said. I was in my thoughts. Our hearts beating at unison: we were surrounded by great emotions.

Your perfume was in the air, and if I didn’t would have kiss you, I would going crazy: only kissing you I would got calm myself, and you knew that.

Delicately, you have said: “Come here… .” I was approached to you, without say nothing I placed your hand on my chest; my heart was going crazy.

Slowly you have took my hand, and, while our eyes didn’t take off one another, you have make me slide the other one in your shirt, and sweetly you have began to kiss me, only how you knew do.”


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