“Our kisses” – ○294○


Were sweet, and we were as hypnotized.
After at each kiss we given ourselves, you was look at me.
The sky out of the window was filling of a multitude of colour, and our emotions were merging each other.

Slowly you have lay me on the bed, and you have started to caressed me, while I dived myself in your eyes: it was the only place in which I wanted to be.
The shirt you had was so soft; I made it slide over the shoulder, and I kissed your neck. We were just touching ourselves, but everything seemed so soft, and delicate and what which we were feeling, came from our mind that got connected one with another, and it seemed, even connect with the Parallel World itself. It seemed that that light of colours, wanted penetrate us, and our connection got bigger.

Our emotions were at maximum. It seemed that the awareness of this new discover, had merged us one another, always more than we were already.

You was looking at inside of me: something was changing and that multitude of colour was surrounding me.
You took my hands.
In those instants, the only thing I wanted to see were your eyes.
We were in that twirl, and we were unable to stop it.

You approached yourself to me said: “You are everything this…” and you have indicated out the window the lights were playing with the coloured twirl.
I looked at the colours in the sky merging one in another, and said: ” …. and you’re the reason of all this.”
We didn’t add else.

We remained to admire our feelings merging so sweetly, while the sun light was going upper high in the sky, and the sounds of the nature was awakening itself.

While you have closed the eyes and little by little you fallen asleep.
I laid myself on your chest, and I made me cradle by your breathe.
I took a deep breathe.
Delicately you embraced me.”


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