It start always

lukeread02catturaforteIn this way our connection. Our minds ge connect themselves slowly. Despite our real distance we can feel ourselves so close one another. I can feel your whisper, and i only do that bite my lips. Our emotions are mixing eachother fast in these moments and we can feel them. It’s like in Our Parallel World and its slowly opening itself in front of us.
Your whispers, your hands, your eyes set on me. I must to take a deep and long breathe.
Each time is more profound than the last time, and i feel we get approaching ourselves always more, each day it passing by.
Our emotions are melting one another always more
In these istants we are become one only soul and we are in the middle of this great twirl.
We are approching ourselves always more. I close the eyes and i can feel your sweet touch. Your hand is taking mine. You whisper ‘Open the eyes…’ and your gentle hand touch my face, lifting it toward your.
Sweetly our lips touches themselves.
Our emotions are exploding….

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