“You have started” – ○292○


Telling me.

“After what Fenkuz said us… after… I was unable to sleep. I wanted assure myself that you have could sleep well. I’ve discovered where is the gap between the two world: inside the shack. After you asleep, I heard some noises, and from the window, I saw the Markùts, and Kapi entered in. They didn’t see me: they had already go trough the gap. But I was able to see everything…”

You have left me a moment in suspense.
You had, literally catch my attention, that I have stopped to have breakfast: I had still the croissant in hand soaked in milk that dripped in the cup, while I was listening to your words. I wasn’t able to continue to eat, as much as I was breathless.
You have shyly smiled me: you was enchanted by what you was looking at: I was felt myself a bit embarrassed. I have tried to clean the milk from my face.

Our hearts were beating at unison when we were feeling our emotions were at the maximum, and that moments was one of those.
Your eyes were into mine, and all in a sudden you have whisper: “Don’t ever change. You are beautiful so how you’re.”

We looked at one in another, and in that exact moment our emotions exploded: you have caressed my hand and I’ve took it; we both wanted that moment had no end.
One simple moment was filled itself of little emotions that it had left us without breath.
Then you have continued to tell what you had see.

You told me of how the Markùts were uninhibited with skateboard, and Kapi with his crystal had protected them, as long till one has entered in the shop to take what they had to take.

I have looked at you, and I said: “‘Now I understand when we have seen them, they were in couple…The Markùts.. the Little One with the Leaner one, Fenkuz with the Big One of the Morgur or with Pyr”.

You was looking at me, and what you was looking at, were eyes that were saying how love I was feeling in that moment.
I’ve broke that instant: “‘I would like to see it me too” , finishing the breakfast.

You took off the tray from the bed, then you have lay yourself close to me, while i putted my head on chest, making slide my hand into your shirt.”


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