My little heart

shack60_forteStarting to beat hard. I close my eyes and i feel slowly you’re embracing me from behind. Your embrace is sweet silky. I hear your voice. Your whisper are delicate. Our connection begin even in this way. Our minds get connect one in another. Many thoughts chase eachother. Our little eletric shocks meet eachother in the middle. And we know it’s our parallel world. Our heads are slowly exploding.
I know that you’re thinking a little about me…
Your embrace is making itself more tight. My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and you know it. My vise on stomach is getting bigger and bigger.
That thin thread that has bonded us two years ago, is always more resistant and now each little think is around in our minds and it making us going crazy.
I know, you  are feeling the same sensation that i’m feeling, despite our distance.
I feel you’re sighing. I close the eyes and we are taking a deep breathe, together. I feel you closeness.


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