“After that” – ○198○

Kiss, we looked at us, and everything seemed gone away.

You got up, and gently you have took my hand and we had start to walk without a destination.
We had crossed the lake, where it was imprinted our first meeting.

orbit11forteOur Parallel World was a great landscape.
In background we could listen a magical music, that it changing, each time we felt new sensations: it was a beautiful music.
It accompanied us in our walk.

Perfumes were inebriating us.

You stopped yourself to collect a flower for me: I was about to say “Don’t do it”, but you had done it: the flower you have collected for me was becoming more beautiful, and we have realizing, already the was growing a new flower, where you had collected that one for me.

The Markùts were accompanying us in our walk.
In their own way, they were talking to us.
We have understood what they said us: Our Parallel World needed of our energy to be more powerful and more strength: your spontaneous gesture it was good for Our Parallel World.
Without realizing, you gave more power to it.

We were understanding something more, and we were been grateful to the Markùts that now were playful.
I sat on a little rock, while you have started play with them.
I was looking at you, I laughed.
The little Markùts wanted that were be chased. You has been at their play, and you have started to run.

Occasionally, you have launch a glimpse toward me, and we have shared a tender glance.
At end of this playful run, you ran toward me, and you dived on the meadow close to me with wide open arms: you had no breathe, but you didn’t care.
You was happy that you were able to make me smile, making me forget that bad moment that I lived before.

Our glances were straight one in another: It was moment seemed had no end.
Millions of emotions ran in our bodies and our minds.

You kneeled yourself in front of me, and you took my face in your hands, and always more you were approaching you to me, and when our faces touched, and you said: “I love you more than anything else. You’re my princess, I will don’t repeat the mistake I’ve done. You’re my princess”, underlining the last phrase.
My heart was about to explode.
“I love you too, you don’t know how much” I whispered looking at your wonderful eyes, touching gently your neo.”



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