“The Markùts” – ○197○


Has welcomed us in Our Parallel World.
They were visibly worried for me.
They ran towards us, but above all around me.
We sat down on the meadow, under the same tree of the previous time: I wanted to delete that bad moment, you was looking at me, without say nothing, but I could heard the phrase you was repeating, inside you like a broken record:. “I had to be more careful, I had t be more careful, I had to be more careful…. .”
More you was repeating that phrase, more the love I was feeling for you was growing faster.
And this emotions was creating around us an atmosphere with colours never seen before.

Your eyes were set on mine… I could feel, slowly, your beat of the heart was calming itself, and your glance was returning as the glance I loved it: sweet charged of love.

“I thought to lose you in those instants” you have said it, while you wrapping me in your arms, and I leaning me on your chest.
I was hear your heart, and your breathe.
For a moment, I’ve closed my eyes: In your arms everything disappeared.

Almost unconsciously, you was telling me your emotions when you were returned in your apartment, right after we have shared our first glance at the bar: maybe you was telling this, most of  all, for yourself, for hide your fears: our lives were about to divide themselves once again.

When this thought appeared, in your mind once again, I’ve lifted my face toward you, and we were looked at us: you sighed,
Me, I dived in your eyes, and in few seconds we given ourselves a long, delicate, sweet, and passionate kiss, and slowly, everything returned as before. No fear, no sense of abandonment, no empty.

Everything has disappeared.

Everything around us, was calm and beautiful such as Our Parallel World and their guardians: The Markùts.

Everything we could feeling, was our heart were filling still one more time, just of a great feeling: the love we were feeling for one for another.”


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