Here you

orbit10sovrappostoAre, i feeling you close to me menthally. I feel you  here by my side. I feel your eyes set on me. Your thoughts are reaching me, and my vise is making strong. I feel you’re hold my  hips, and i feel your hands are moving my hair and i feel your lips on my neck. I close my eyes and i hear you whisper my name. I whisper your name back. Your hand slide in my shirt. I sigh.
How much we need of our moments. To stay in our parallel world embraced in silence. We need hear our breathe at unison.
In these hours i asking myself if you have read that comment.
If you have read it you know what my mind is thinking right now. And my heart is having a thud.
Our connection is getting strong. Im thinking of you much in these istants.


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