You are about

vanguard10forte-1To wake up, and i feeling my vise make itself strong. And here you are, smiling me. It’s incredible how i feel your closeness, despite our distance. But our magic is this.
I can feel your hand are touching me with all sweetness you have. I holding back my breathe.
You’re whisper my name in my ear, and my heart is about explode.
My hand are shaking on this keyboard, while you’re watching what i’m writing. My emotions are reaching you rapidly, and we are wrap by Our Parallel World.
We close our eyes at the same time, we can touch ourselves. My head is exploding, also your. We getting connect one another, and our sensations are overwhelming us.
Are we about crazy? Maybe not, perhaps it’s only our parallel world and we are feeling it strong. I close my eyes and you’re close to me.
That’s what i really need.  What i really need is you and our closeness, and now we are close.
Neighbor in the distance.



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