“We were in front” – ○199○

Staring us deeply, we were feeling something was growing inside of us: you wasn’t take your eyes off me.

vanguardmare.moltiplicaAround us the atmosphere was changing rapidly and around us there were a multitude of colours that floating and melting one in another.
Usually that atmosphere changed when our desire were grew up inside of us.

You was still kneeled in front of me, and you gently, taken my hand and you have laying me on the meadow. I didn’t have say nothing: I left myself guide by you.
Slowly and sweetly you have started to kiss me.
I always loved your kisses.
We only kissed us, but inside of us was flowing a great energy, and it was showing, even, around us.
For this one there was no need of the Markùts who has left us without make noticed themselves.

This was our own magic, and we were creating it us.
Your hands tightening me against your chest, and I was remain breathless.
Our lips were playing one with another. Sometime, we given ourselves little bites, other they only touching themselves, and other time we given ourselves kisses so sweet that we could believed to take flight.
Just this touch of lips, made us feel as drunk: drunk of our love.

At end, you have took my face in your hands and you have looked at me without say nothing.
Our hearts were beating at unison.
Slowly the atmosphere that were been created, was disappearing, but it was dissolved itself in Our Parallel World.

Everything ran in our veins. We were looking at us around, then we have shared a shy smile.

That bad moment was literally disappeared.”



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