“We could remain” – ○200○

To stare us without an end, and our emotions would have create another rainbow with colours never seen before.

vanguard10fondigranaOur Parallel World was changing always more, and it was becoming more beautiful. We were looking at us around, and more it was changing, leaving us breathless, and we understood that were our emotions make everything more beautiful.

You got up and you have helped me to get up.
We didn’t wanted return back in our apartment: we wanted explore more.
Hand in hand we started again our walk.
We were going on in another walkway, and we entered in a little village: It seemed uninhabited, but instead there was somebody or something: there were little huts were by little twigs.

The village had few huts: more or less two or three.
At our passage we could hear little murmurs, and they came from the inside, and whoever was, they were watching us.

The sound of the murmurs were similar as the voices of our little Markùts, but we weren’t sure they were other Markùts.
We didn’t stopped us too long there. We went on, and slowly we had left behind us the village.
We didn’t turned ourselves, but we were sure that whoever was in the huts, they were came out for see us.
We could heard their voices: they seemed salutes us.

We had walk still a little bit….
We wanted rest ourselves a little bit.
It seemed was arrived dusk.

We had found a tree where we could rest. You’ve lay yourself on the meadow and gently you have donated me your hand to help me, and I was lay myself close to you.
Sweetly you’ve embraced me, and slowly we fell asleep.

For the very first time, we had slept inside Our Parallel World.”


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