I believed (21th open letter to Luke)

insta0039lmoltplicaIt was a bad dream, instead, it’s the reality. Tomorrow i’ll go into the hospital to make me remove the three pins i have in the leg.
You know, i dont have fear at all, but the hospitals reminds all my childhood and everything bad things i had in my life.
Maybe you’re the only one who can understand what i’m feeling in these hours, earlier to enter in that place.
I know, that it will be a simply operation, but for me just enter in a hospital it’s like enter in a hole full of thorns and snakes and, sure it isnt a good sensantion.
In these moment im whispering your name and our connection it’s making itself slowly stronger. I know, in someway, in a strange way, we are connected, and i know you have heard my whisper.
Stay close to me in these following hours more than ever.
I’ve told you, when i woke up myself from the last operation you was in my dream.  I hope to feel your closeness also this time. Stay close to me. I need of your closeness despite we are very far. Take me in Our Parallel World. Let me dream for a while.


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