orbit10forteWoke yourself, earlier me but you didnt move. I was laying on your knees, sleeping.
The light of day seemed make bright Our Parallel World.
You was watching these little furry  animals that seemed making something of real magical.
They ran and come back from us.
Their come and go, slowly awoke me.
You still wrapping me with your arms.
You have whispered ‘Good moorning, did you have slept well?’ You had didnt need of my reply. You knew it.
I have smiled you, while i was looking these little animals that were very busy in these their come and go.
‘It’s from i was wake up that their doing it’. You have said.
They were sure doing something for us. They never touched us. But  everytime they returned to us, it was like they catch something from us and they were bring it in somewhere.
They looked as our Markùts, but surely they weren’t Markùts. They were more faster than the Markùts and they were more little, and their fur was more bristly than the Markùts and it was brown.
They seemed like  a little maintainers of Our Parallel World.
When they returned to us, they catched the magical residual aura arounded us and they has bring it to the border of Our Parallel World.
They were in three. There was one more big than other two, and he seemed was the coordinator of all this.
We didnt move ourselves, till they have finished  their works.
We were indispensable for them. For their works. We had understood it in their big eyes.
Finally they had the opportunity to catch what they needed, directly from the source. Us.
We looked at us one another without saying nothing.
We had understood they were doing something for us, but what it was, it was still unknown.”


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“We were still ⇒

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