“Shyly” – ○34○


You was smiling me, while i was looking at the ring that you had gave me.
Occasionally, we both threw away the air from the lungs.
In that gesture, we had understand that there was something more deep than a simple shares of gift, as Ansuz said us: there was a union of souls, of hearts, of feelings and emotions, as Gebo, the other stone, had suggested us.

We smiled, nervously, almost we were embarrassed, for the atmosphere that was created.
We didn’t know what to say, but we knew, perfectly what we were feeling.
A soft punch in the stomachs, were melting inside us.
One of the most beautiful emotions of those instants.

You got up from the sofa, but immediately after, you bent to kiss me again, then, tenderly, you asked me if I was still hungry.
Caressing me the face, you went in the kitchen.
I was still dazed by the ring, and by all the emotions that were around, but I have softly replied you: “Yes…”
I was about to get up, but you said me: “Remain there, I take it to you there.”

I sat again on sofa.
Waiting for you, I closed the eyes sighing.”


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