It’s been

screensho000t_20190904-030410Stronger than other times. I couldnt believe it to which i was seeing. You made left me breathless. I just did that just for to say you how i love that show. Yeah, i get you notified you, but i never thought you was the first to watch that. When i seen you there, i was remained speechless at least for 2  seconds. Then i have not hold back my tears. I didnt understand nothing.
We met online severals times, but never so close and especially on Instagram, your favorite social.
Today has been a day almost surreal, few hours earlier i’ve seen your lastest interview, where i’ve dived myself in your eyes and i was dreamed about our likely meeting, and then few hours later, you have seen those 15 seconds, on Instagram.
The bubble in which i’m now, didnt still erupted…
Our parallel world saying us, in its own way, we are approaching us, one to another, always more faster than we could imagine.




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