“I was looking

At you, while you prepared the breakfast. Everything you would take it, for me it was ok. But behind the table, you have asked which kind of breakfast i would have prefered.
0039forteWhile i was sleeping, you went to get, all kind of breakfast i would have liked: from croissants to cornflakes. I was looked at you without words. And while you have brought our breakfast at the little table, i was looked at you. Your sweetness filled my heart, that the only thing i could did was sighing. I had fear that you could would listen to my heart beating like a train.
While we made breakfast, we have shared shy smile, as, we made at the bar, but this time we were sit next one of another, and our glances weren’t confused between the other people, and our feelings were there, in the air, around us.
What we felt for eachother it was stronger than our hunger. Yes we have eated something, but just a little.
Now, there it was something that it attracted us, one to another, and we couldnt take off our eyes one from the other.
Something else was about to happen. We were feeling it.”



“You have felt ⇒

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