“I was looking” – ○35○

At you, while you preparing me the breakfast.
Everything you would done, for me it was ok, but behind the table, you asked which kind of breakfast I would have preferred.

0039forteThat morning, while I was sleeping, you went to get, all kind of breakfast I would have liked them: from croissants to cornflakes.
I was speechless.

I was looking at you while you have brought me the breakfast at the little table.
Your sweetness filling me my heart, and the only thing I could did, it was sighing to full lungs.
My heart was beating like a train: I had fear you could would feel it.

We shared many smiles, while we had breakfast, much of them shy. As those at the bar.
But this time we were sit next one of another, and our glances weren’t confusing themselves between the other people.
Our feelings were there, around us.

What we were feeling, it was stronger than our hunger.
Yes, we had nibble, but just to fill our stomachs that were rumbling, nothing more, nothing less.

There was something that it attracted us, one to another, and we couldn’t take off us our eyes, one from another.

Something else was about to happen.
We were feeling it.”


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