Your eyes

boogaloo_forte0041Staring at me, and it’s what i feeling in this moment. If i close them, i feel you are approach, by my side and slowly you embracing me. In the air, i can feel your scent, and this make me drive me crazy. I must take a deep breath and i feel myself full of you. Despite your distance it’s like as if you was here next to me. My heart starting to beat like a crazy. Our parallel world getting connect us and we both feeling that.
I feel your arms around me and your breath on my skin make me feel your sensations. They are strong and i feeling them inside of me. You’re next to me. I must to close my eyes. You leave me without breath. Your hands on my skin, are touching my hips under the shirt i have on. We are in front, one of another. Without say nothing, slowly you take me off the shirt. I remain breathless, while you touching soflty and sweetly my bare chest. You so slowly, arrive to my breast… i close my eyes and all the rest disappears.


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