“While we

owen141_forteReached the peak of our love, we didnt realize that, downstairs, was happening something of magic. Again.
As a little and thin pink dust, was circling around to the little corner, where we were been seat, few hours ago. And in this little twirl, were fly, in the air, another stones.
We, exhausted, but fully satisfied, at the end, we kissed eachother, looking at us, one in another.
I have caress your face. You have left me do, while you sweetly smiled me.
You were going wanted to say me something,  but i have put my finger on your lips.
I was, still in a state of grace, from which i didnt want wake up myself. But you have look at me, kissing my hand, you have whisper me ‘Are you not hungry?… I have bring you the breakfast…’
I was recovering myself, from what which we just have had done, taking a deep breath, i have replied you ‘Yes, a little bit’.  You have smiled me again and, while you have helped me to stand up, you have add ‘I have take something, for your spare’ indicating the little bag on the floor. I was blushed. Right after, you have added ‘Nothing particular, but i thought you have need some  few things’. I sighed, ‘You are so sweet…’ i have said you, shaking my head, surprised how you was so caring towards me.
We were in front, one of another, you have had took my hips, and i was as embraced by you.
Our breath was at unison. We looked at eachother, one in another.
We were came out from the bedroom and suddenly, you have took me in your arms, and we went down, where it waited us something it would overwherlmed us emotivetly.”


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“Walking down ⇒

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