“Walking down” – ○29○


We realized that something was happened.
However, it seemed everything ok.

In the air, there was «that sound» that was resounding in the room.
We looked at us, questioning.
We threw away the air from the lungs.

“What is happened?” you asked.
Like you, I was speechless: I didn’t know what to say.
We reached the little corner, where there was the mess that we noticed.
All sheets and the magazines were scattered on the floor.
We looked at us, stunned.

The only things on the table in an order very precise, were another three pink stones.
“I just can’t believe it” I sighed, indicating them to you.

While you kneeled, collecting all the sheets and the magazines on the floor, I sat on the sofa, looking at me around, and staring the stones.
I noticed, also that thin pink dust on the little table, around them.

You was, still collecting all the stuff from the floor.
Slowly I placed my hand on your shoulder, whispering you: “Luke, look”.
I have touched the surface of the table and the thin pink dust was remained on the finger.
“What’s that?” you asked, touching it delicately.
I shrugged.
You looked at me with wide eye open.
You had made fall down everything you had collected.
You sat next to me.
We both had taken a glimpse at the stones.

The stones had spoken to us again.
We knew their meaning.
We had found our soul mate.
Looking at us we threw away the air from the lungs incredulous.”



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