“You was” – ○27○


Standing in doorway, staring at me, as surprised of which you was looking at.
Me, I was still in bed with your note in hand.
For a bit, we looked at us, without do nothing: we just smiled us.

Our hearts has started to beat wildly.
You have left fall down the plastic bag you had in your hand, and with fast steps, you came to me.
You’ve took seat in the edge of the bed.
You looked at me, and slowly, you approached and you have started to kiss me.
Very soon, those little kisses, became something greater.

You had on a blue sweater and blue jeans, but all in a sudden, all this vanished.
Slowly, our bodies became only one.
Our souls were merging in something more intimate.

Your tongue has played passionately with mine.
You taken my arms, and you have lifted them up, while the fingers crossing each other.
Our moans were explicitly clear.

Our passion was showing openly.”


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