“You was” – ○13○


You was, keeping my hand, as if you had fear that i had could run away.
But how would could i did it?
You was staring me as in the bar.
We were surrounded by a magic atmosphere, and what we were hearing to, were our beats of our hearts.

You went next to the stereo, and you have collected all those little objects I had recognized.
With a shy smile, you sat, on the little table, in front of me.
After a moment of hesitation, you opened the fist, and you have make me see them.
You have whispered:”I never knew another person who knew what they were.”
My heart was beating like a crazy: I stared at you with eye wide open.
Slowly, you have leaned them on the little table.
I have had the sensation, that you still wanted feel the magic that was flowing between us, touching me again.
Also me too, I wanted it.

“They are magic stones” I said, and I ’ve continued: “In someway, they talk to us, and they say us their truth, that in our deep, it is our truth.”
I’ve seen a sparkle in your eyes: it was what you had always thought.
I had the confirm of that, by your quick, but always sweet, handshake.
You have closed your eyes for a second, while i was staring you.

That atmosphere, didn’t wanted leave us.
And now, that was me, who I was caressing you.

Finally, you have opened your beautiful eyes and you said
“I never met a girl like you”, sitting yourself down next to me.

For a while we looked at the stones in silence, and unconsciously, we found ourselves embraced one with another.”



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