“You was


Standed up, but you had, still sweetly, holded my hand, as if you have fear that, i could run away. But how would could i did? You was stared at me, as you did in the bar, and i was stare at you, as if we were arounded by a magic atmosphere, and what we have felt, was ours beats of our hearts. You went next to the stereo, and you have collected all those little objects that earlier, i’ve recognized.
With a shy smile, you went sat, again on the little table, exactly in front of me. With a moment of hesitation, you have opened your hands and you have make me see those little objects. Opening, so slowly your hands, you have whispered me ‘I never knew another person that knew what they were’. My heart have had a jolt. By now, it was exploding out from my body. I was looked at you with eye wide open. Slowly you have leaned them on the little table. I have had feeling, you wanted as soon possible, to take again, my hand in your. You wanted feel the magic that flowed between us. And also me too, i wanted it.
They are magic stones’ i replied you, and i’ve continued. ‘In someway, they talk to us, and they say us their truth, that, digging, is our truth’.
At the end of what i’ve said, which, i’ve seen in your eyes, that it has been what you have always thought. I had the confirm of that, by a rapid your, but always sweet, handshake.
In front of me, for a little bit, you have closed your eyes, while i was still stared at you.
This enchanted atmosphere, didnt wanted leave us. And now, that was me, that i’ve holded your hands.
Finally, you have opened your beautiful eyes and, you was looking at me.
‘I never met a girl like you!’ you said me, and you sitting again next to me, on the sofa.
For a while we looked at the stones in silence, and slowly we were embraced us, once again.”


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“We were ⇒

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