“I was” – ○26○


Awake myself a little hours after. Alone.
I leaned on the backrest of bed in silence, looking for to listen to some noises from down.
I was looking for to understand if you was there, or not.
No noises.
On your pillow there was an your note.
I didn’t noticed right away. I blushed, while I was taken it.

It was, always that I really wished: a note on the pillow…and it was your.
Also if I hadn’t still read it, my heart was beating strong.
Slowly, for fear that those words could runs away, I’ve placed my eyes, on what you left me written.

“This night has been the most incredible night of my life.
I wasn’t able to sleep. I have passed all the time to look at you…”
While I was reading these last words, my heart is literally exploded in the throat.

The note continued like this: “you was… you are marvellous…I must to take something… I be back soon, your Luke ♥♥♥”.

I will have read that note till to learn it by heart.
I hadn’t realize that you was come back.

I had still your note in my hand.”


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