“There” – ○25○


You have delicately lean me on the bed, without speaking.

You have look at me, and you have laid down yourself next to me.
I was so excited.
I believed to don’t breath: I didn’t say nothing.

I’ve made you to do everything, to you.
I just did a couple of things: nothing more, nothing less.

As, a charming prince in love of her princess, you have looked at me lasciviously.
While we were there, face to face, the big window of the room was illuminated by the soft daylight.
It seemed, we didn’t care about it.

We were, laid one in front of another, on the pillows, while we listened to our breath, touching each other.

I was caress your face and my finger it was stop itself on your little neo under your left eye.
I think I fell asleep like this: with my hands on your face while you embraced me, while we were look at us.


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