“While” – ○24○

luke0044forteThe hours passed, we were always there, on that sofa in that little corner of the big room.
We hadn’t realize, that we had passed all the time to stare at us, feeling emotions never felt before.

Occasionally, we softly touching, and everytime, something was happening.
Our hearts were beating faster.
They were our feelings were merging together.

When we were entered to your apartment, you made me, immediately sit in the sofa in front of the little table that was looking at the black furniture, where there was the stereo and other stuff, front a red brick wall.
It was a large room.
Immediately, I thought that corner it was your favorite one.

On the little table, there were magazines, different pencils and white sheets of papers everywhere: some blank, others with something written on, and naturally, above all, our stones, that reminded us, without no effort, what was happened few instants earlier.

That large room, had an only big window that covered a whole wall.
From there, I could see the lights of the night, and I realized that it was much late.
The dawn was coming.
With me you took a glimpse outside.

You knew, already, what I was about to say, and with a big sigh, taking my hand in one of your hand, and with the other caressing my face, you have whisper me: “‘Don’t go away…”, while your lips, delicately, approached mine.
At the end, you got up, stretching your hand toward mine: I taken it, and slowly I got up even I.

You let me out slowly out from that little space, where we had spent all time, and in front one of another, you taken me among your arms me, and you have brought me, up the stairs, where there was your bed.”


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