“We were

australialukecontrario_forteThere, waiting for someone of us talk, breaking that atmosphere, that it was lasting from a little bit. But none of us did. We were reflecting in silence on what we have said us, reciprocally. Sometimes we were so serious, sometimes we laughed. And those smiles, resounded in that large room. We didnt say nothing, but just smiling one to another. There was no need to ask. In someways, we did know it already. And for me, who i was so sensible, sometimes, my facial expression changing, so much, that it seemed my thoughts, cames out from my mind, and you was able to catch them and made them your. And, some tears falled from my face.
Finally, you have spoken, drying me from a little tear. ‘Maybe it has been, a good, that me and my girlfriend, we were left us. The emotions i feeling right now i didnt ever felt with her. You have something of magic.’
For to play down, you have said me with your smile, that i loved so much, ‘Didnt you made all this spell? Are not you really a little witch?’ For a little bit we were looking at us seriously, but right after we have made a big laugh… and suddenly you have kiss me so, that i was remained speechless and breathless.
Our lips didnt wants break away, one from another.
ut only after, we were looking at us, and i’ve reply you in a whisper ‘No…’ sighing.”


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