“After that kiss

luke02catturaforteWe looked at us, like suspended. We smiled us one another, you have caressed my face, whispering my name, and i dived myself in your glance. That soft atmosphere was still around us, and we could have feel our magic was growing up inside of us.
We were still wrapped by that sensation. A soft sensation that slowly was arounding our appartment.
You settled yourself on the backrest of the bed, while i was still lay on the bed.
We didnt talked for a little bit. Our emotions floated, melted one in another.
We have could feel, something was growing up in our parallel world, but we didnt know what it was. But it was, for sure something of beautiful and of  reassuring.
‘Do you feel it?’ you have asked me. I have nodded, while i was looking at your glance and softly i’ve caressed  your face, reaching your neo.
The curtains danced in the middle of us, and they were still creating that soft atmosphere in which we were in.
At the unison we looked the big window of the room.
The scenario has changed. From the roofs of the others buildings, now we could see a great green landscape and from far we had recognise the Morgur village and the Markùts to the guard of path which led to our appartment.
I settled myself next to you, and without thinking about it, you have wrapped me with your embrace, as if  that embrace now, meant the most big act of protection. I could felt it.
And our glances now were toward out the window.
Our little voice inside of us, told us that we had to go out and see Our Parallel World after the Nothing was been defeated.”


⇐“You have

“For another ⇒

“The Nothing

lukeloraforteWas been defeated.
Everything was returning to the normality. The air around us was taking again the usual lightness.
We were looking one in another, as we didnt before. We had did something that we didnt thought to do, and now «it» was disappeared.
Now it was the time to turn page and looking at what the present had to give us.
Now our appartment was inside of Our Parallel World and for us, was a new thing.
You was looking at me and a big smile was being born on your sweet face.
As if  it was everything natural, you have asked me ‘What do you want for breakfast?’. I looked at you a little bit surprised, but it was so, the behaviour that we had to have. You got up and you was coming downstairs. I hadnt say still a word, but i was looking at you and
only looking at you i got calm myself. I settled on backrest of the bed and you approached yourself me. You have caressed my face and you have kissed me. In these istants our hearts were beating at unison and we could felt it. For a moment we stared at us one in another, without breathing.
We had to shake us from everything this. I’ve stretched my hand toward you and you have kept it. ‘Wait for me’ i have said. Gently you have took me in your arms. In a second we were in front one another and our glances diving themselves one in another, and there for magic,  everything of bad, for real, was disappeared.
Slowly we went downstairs. Everything seemed new, but it remained equal.
Everything looked more beautiful… also  all the papers scattered on the floor, in you fav corner.
You had still disheveled hair, and i was looking at you, smiling at you while you was preparing our breakfast. I was looking at you so.., so in love…to make me forget what we had faced up to in previously hours.”


⇐“We have

“I was looking ⇒

I believed (21th open letter to Luke)

insta0039lmoltplicaIt was a bad dream, instead, it’s the reality. Tomorrow i’ll go into the hospital to make me remove the three pins i have in the leg.
You know, i dont have fear at all, but the hospitals reminds all my childhood and everything bad things i had in my life.
Maybe you’re the only one who can understand what i’m feeling in these hours, earlier to enter in that place.
I know, that it will be a simply operation, but for me just enter in a hospital it’s like enter in a hole full of thorns and snakes and, sure it isnt a good sensantion.
In these moment im whispering your name and our connection it’s making itself slowly stronger. I know, in someway, in a strange way, we are connected, and i know you have heard my whisper.
Stay close to me in these following hours more than ever.
I’ve told you, when i woke up myself from the last operation you was in my dream.  I hope to feel your closeness also this time. Stay close to me. I need of your closeness despite we are very far. Take me in Our Parallel World. Let me dream for a while.


If they (20th open letter to Luke)

insta0scuriKnew, how much you make me feel good, they would understand almost everything about me. But they are not reach to this.
Im sorry for them, because they think im crazy, as i told you.
Instead, with you there is a strong alchemy still inexplicable, but with you i can open myself freely without any prejudice and with no fear.
With you, im feel good and when i feel your closeness, like in this istants, it’s the most beautiful emotion i can feel.
If you, could read everything what im writing in this open diary, you could read, but above all, you could feel a soul that open itself in front of you. And you could perceive that, despite everything you know about me (or almost), we could be good friends or something more.
Our souls are complement eachother. Me, i know it and also you.
My heart is beating hard now, cause what im writing, i believe, is one of the most sincere open letter that i’ve wrote you till now.
And now would like feel me embraced by you…. and slowly, you’re doing.
Let me stay in you arms so.


Was (19th open letter to Luke)

theend11forteiBeen enough, for me read little line of that article, i have understood what which i knew of you, already. Despite it’s just a role and i didnt see still the show, what i understood of you, it’s something that i understood, from when i saw you in the first movie i saw for a case.
Your heart is great as your soul, and i dont say it because i want say it, but just it’s the truth and i can say it, with  all sincerity that  im putting in this diary,  if we one day, we will meet us, something of magic between us, it would make click, something that i calling Our Parallel World, without any effort, and now im not joking. You know a little bit of me. What i had faced up to and those i will face up to in a within short time, and also if, i have difficult to walk and to talk, you didnt wouldnt make me weight it, on the contrary, you would be the most sweet and careful person i would have next to me.
Im sure of that at the 100%.
I had know you for a case, but isnt a case what im knowing about you.
I love you, also for this.


In the darkness (18th open letter to Luke)

luke-10_contrariomoltiplicaOf this room, i have putted on our music and slowly i feeling you are coming and sweetly you whisper my name. I can feel it and i can feel your eyes that sweetly are set on me.
You are whispering sweet words. Just my heart can feel them. They are the most sweet words my heart had ever felt. It’s beating hard, and our connection getting itself more strong. I close my eyes and i can see our parallel world there, in  front of us.
I also, feel your embrace. You wrapping me tight, as if you dont want make me escape.
I whisper you ‘I dont ever escape from you’.
In you, i have found a world made of emotions, feelings that i never felt in my life, and you…  you’re the most beautiful person i ever met.
In your eyes i can see all your sweetness that i always looked for, and now you’re here, in front of me.
How could i escape from you? You mean much to me, and in your deep, you know it.
Our Parallel World is the place that we are building together and in which i want to stay when our minds are connected one another.
How much i feel you close to me in these istants…. too much.


Happy New Year my Dude (17th open letter to Luke)

tobyluke11forte2-2How can i start this my open letter? Just writing Thank You for everything.
Since is began this strange connection between you and me one year ago, i feel more open to receive only beautiful sensantions and i know that they are arrive from you.
I know, you’re thinking ‘It isnt possible’, but it’s so.
I repeated it alot many times. From when i done that dream, in which you have told me what which we know, it’s been like as if a  door open itself  in front  of me and i have felt something inside and Our Parallel World, slowly was growed up around us, and im sure, you have softly, felt it too, even you.
This year, my emotions were been opened themselves more than usual.
The few times, that you have read my replies on your tweets and you have replied, you have make me feel so close to you, and this closeness has growed up each day more til arrive today.
I dont demand a reply from you. This would be too much. But i know in someways you will read this, not today, not tomorrow, but neither in a month, but im sure you will read it.
What which i want say, amongst of these words are few Thank you for everything, you having giving me, despite we dont still know us in person… but im sure we know ourselves trought Our Parallel World, much better than in other way.


I looking at you (16th open letter to Luke)

Uber05+Forte.JPGWhile you are thinking me. I can feel your thoughts, maybe im the only one who can understand what which you have passed and you still feeling it.
Maybe this is one thing that unites us in strong way. What i wrote i wanted say it to you from time. I wanted to say you another time how much you have helped me in these lastest years.
Now i feel you close to me. You’re watching me, i can feel you glance set on me.
I can feel you’re whispering my name and slowly our parallel world is wrapping us in of it.
In, your eyes there is a sparkle.
That sparkle that it had helped me to go foward  despite all my difficulties.
I feel you’re embracing me and you’re caressing my face.
I feel you by my side more than usual. Is it possible?
I must close the eyes and take a deep breathe to dont drive crazy.
Our closeness is more profound in these istants… i can feel it and im sure you can feel it too.


Even this time (15th open letter to Luke)

luke30forteYou came by my side before the time, and i feel you next to me. You want say me something, when you will be ready, i will know it.
You are more sweet than usual, you’re embracing me sweetly and slowly. I feel it and you leave me without breathe, i close the eyes, sighing. My heart is beating hard. And i asking myself ‘Is it possible that is our parallel world’. I must give up myself, to these great emotions that i having and i know they are coming from you.
In someways, our parallel world get connecting us one another in another way inexpected. I shake my head, i still say myself ‘how is it possible all that it was born from a dream i’ve done one year ago and developed itself more always strong, in a intimate way during these months. What which you’ve said me in that dream it was the real reality, and then all these emotions, sensations were growing up so rapidly inside of me and they has become our parallel world, and now eachtime i feel you close to me i cant believe it, but it’s so.’
Maybe, for real, we had established a connection unconciously, and eachtime one of us, feel these emotions, these sensations inside, something happens, and it happens, by now daily, and everytime i dont feel these sensations, almost i feel lost. I need of these sensantions. They make me feel alive and i need to feel alive and you’re the only person able to give me these sensations, above all since from that dream i’ve done.


Look at (14th open letter to Luke)

easyallies044forteYourself around, look at inside of you. Close your eyes and make, as i do in this istant, a deep breathe. Our parallel world getting connect us despite our real distance.
Here we can feel our feeling expand. Take my hand and look at us one another. Free our emotions and making happens what it must be happens.
I just feel your eyes set on mine, and my heart is beating hard.
At the only thought you’ve read what i’ve wrote about, only be a friend of mine, you have smiled, but i think. it was one of the most sincere reply you have ever received.
And, by now, you should know, how much i love you, and you should know how much i feel in connection with you, even if this this could be so strange.
But from the dream i’ve made almost eleven months ago, i feel a world that get connect us one another. Our parallel world.
I’m thinking  you.