If you – 8th open letter to Luke

00323forteUnderstand what i’m feeling from today, so we are connect in a definitely way. From today i feel you next to me, and my head and my stomach doesnt wants calm. Each little thing bring me to you. And now that im in front of this pc, writing in this open diary, i believe you can feel me. You can feel what are my emotions, my feelings. It was from two days that i feel myself so. But in this moment my heart could explode. I can feel your closeness in a such way. And aint my period, cause i feel myself so from long time, almost an year. And that last dream has expanded my feelings. Our parallel world has been enlarged, and tonight i could, touch you for real. What i feel is a tangle of overwhelming joy. But these two definitions cant describe really what i feel, since i have feel something that linked us. Each time i try to explain what i feel when i feel your closeness by my side, is impossible, because it still surprised me. But i can say you, what i feel it’s the most beautiful feeling in my life. And i living with you, despite we dont know us, or maybe yes. However this, sighing, i whispering you once again, ‘Thank you … … … i love you’ .


As yesterday

instamelbourne034_contrarioforteI have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking us what are we thinking? While im writing, i feeling your embrace and your sweet whisper make feel overwherlm. I need of you, and you need of me. We both can feel our vise in stomach that it make itself always more strong, and our connection is very tangible. I close my eyes and i can feel your deep breath that arounds me. All those are our thoughts, desires, dreams, that in our parallel world can become true, and we are in of it. In  front, one to another so, we are enchanted by ourselves, one of another. My heart beat as a train, and if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands on me touching. Without say nothing, we let talk our deepest feelings, trough our sweet touch. As the first time, this time, i blush and in some way, i know, you want to say me something. My emotions are strong, and what im feeling is like a twirl of sensations that i cant control. They runs trough my body, making goes crazy my heart. It seems stops, but runs fast. And all that, i know, that’s you.


I feel you

nepal043moltiplcaYes, but  a little bit far from me. In some ways, i feel, you trying to say me you are with me. Our connection is continuos, our flows are always in connection. But sometimes it’s normal we cant feel us as we wish. But if i take a deep breath and i whisper, in someway, you can feel me.
Today i was thought to you, often, i’ve missed you, but i knew you was hidden yourself in some part of my heart, i’ve closed my eyes and i have felt your sweetest kiss, while i was on the pool, while i was take the sun. I have felt your embrace, from behind, and in that few seconds, i’ve closed my eyes you was by my side, caressing my skin. I’ve seen also, for little moment, your arms that embraced me. I’ve sighed.
If you was really, here with me, how many things i would say you. Things that nobody else can imagine. By now, i believe, i can say you, for sure, you know more things about me than others people that around me daily.
I really hope, one day, we could meet us, not only in our parallel world, where, by now, we feel our emotions explodes, despite our real distance.
Telling that ‘I love you’, it would be minimal. In these period, that it’s lasting from long time, you’re the only person that, i feel more close than others. You fill me and i feel myself alive, thank to you, that’s which i need. I need  of you.


It’s a strange

lukedforteSensation when my mind get connect with yours. It seems that my floating lights runs through on a pathway without curves, directly to you. It’s a beautiful sensation when, in someway, we feel close us, one to another, and this sensation, seems be reciprocated, and in that exact moment, we both know we are in our parallel world, despite our distance. My head, but also all my body knows that what i feeling is born from our connection. By now, when i feel in this way, as in a world floating, i’m with you, and you are with me. You feel it, i feel it. It’s impossible to dont notice that. And what is happening to me, in these days, in some ways, it take me back to you. Always. Also when i dont feel you, then also after hours, the sensation of your closeness appears it again so suddenly, and i know that something link us stronger. And without shadow of doubt, it’s our world, that we slowly have created. What i feel in this moment is one of the deepest feeling i ever felt. My heart is beating so fast that it could be explode. My breath is short and my head can feel something is coming from you. I’m not going crazy. Simply i’m connecting with you and you feeling too, from there. I feel, you are whispering my name. Our parallel world is geting us in connection, right now. In front, one to another. We are breathless, we are speechless.



lmcmco_sommaHave stared at me, and as if i was awaking myself, i asked you ‘Yes! What?’. You sweetly, have tranquillized me. ‘We are ready to enter’. I have realized right after,  my thoughts were elongated a little much, and you was waiting me. Clearing my voice have said you ‘Excuse me i…’. You have took my hand smiling me. And once again, our touch has been so sweet. My feeling were explode for the millionth time, that night. You have opened another door and with a whisper you have said me ‘Be careful to this little stair.’ You have smiled while you have said that, you’ve holded my hand. Suddenly the light were turned on. And what i have seen, it was a big open space with of a moltitude of little christmas lights that turned on and turned off and a loft, from where i could see a big bed with red bed sheets..they were made of satin? It seemed. Your hand still have hold mine, while you have accompanied me next to the sofa. You have said me ‘ Rest yourself. Do you want something?’ I was still looking around, surprised. ‘Do you have mineral water?’ You was still smile me. ‘Sure! I bring it to you’. You did go in the kitchen’s corner, and from the fridge you have bring two bottle and from the table in front, a glass.
Slowly, smiling , you have sit next to me, handing me the glass first then, you have opened me the little bottle of water and pouring out it in the glass. You have brang yourself a bottle of beer.
‘Im so happy that you have come’, you have said me, looking at me, as only you could do.
Listening to these words, i was exploded inside. Without realizing i’ve became all red.
‘Dont blush! That’s true” you said me, smiling me, holding sweetly, my hand once again.”





redcarpert_blue043forteIs a normal day when i feel your closeness, despite our distance. I can close my eyes and you’re here, by my side. that you embrace me and smiling me. When i see you, all my thoughts go to die in your eyes, and your hands collect them, touching me. All this drives me crazy. If i have also a little certainty that what i feeling in this moment is the same you feel, i could turn myself and i could find you in front of me and our parallel world is a real thing. I can feel your arms around me, while you turn me so gently. I can feel your hand, and your eyes dont take off from me. In front, one of another, my heart is exploding. You bring my hand to your chest, you looking at me deeply. My heart seems stops itself. Our eyes, one in another, seems push out millions of words not spoken. Without realizing, slowly i stretch my hand to your face. You let me do it. In that moment, something expand itself, and inside of us, born our bewarness of how we are  close, despite we are so far. In our heart that node, that we feel everytime, it tightens always more. And that’s our parallel world, that it says us, it miss so little to touch us one to another. I feel it and you feel it too. We both feel it.


“While (6th part)

mikemccluskie02_forteWe walked out from the bar, you have had look at me, and maybe you have thought something similar like ‘I will have done the right thing?’ This, i will never know. But that’s i have, thought.
Hands in hands and slowly we we arrived in front of a gate all rusty.  It wasnt the place i imagined in which he would be bring me, but instead it was which he said me. But by now, i didnt care. He said me to wait, while he was opening that gate. What i felt, inside was a big sensation. A mix up of excitement, surprise, and above all sweetness. In that seconds of wait, i did realized all what has happened that night. My fall, he has helped me, he has wanted stay with me, and above all, he asked me to go away with him. I was remain breathless, and above all, he didnt thought, at all, to my physical condition. On the contrary, he has been so careful to me, while we walked, ocasionally, he asked me if i was tired. I was looking at him. I didnt realized that the gate has been open, he was looking at me, waiting that i wake up myself from all these thought. He was looking at me, and he has wonder himself of how many beauty he’ve seen in these istants, in my eyes.
He would have told me that more late.”


Our Flows (1st part)

We are meeting (2nd part)

Slowly (3rd part)

My Heart (4th part)

For (5th part)

While (6th part)

“You (7th part)

When i feel (little open letter to Luke)

simon0044forteYou so close to me, isnt possible to dont explode. I feel you by my side. I whisper you ‘Let me make my deep breath’ Your hands embrace me. We are in front one of another. Let me look at you so, without breath. You look at me without saying me nothing, but you have understand what i feeling in this moment. We are united more we could imagine. My head is exploding and i cant hold back my emotions. You know what i want to say. Our parallel world isnt a thing created by my imagination. Day by day, i discovering more thing than i can imagine that unites us. And this feeling i have, it confirms me your sensibility, and this makes me drives crazy. It makes me drive crazy our real distance, because, instead we are so close more than we could imagine. I feel you, despite you are far from me. And our parallel world, now i have the certainty is our little world of our connection. Im writing you, as if i was scream you. I dont know, if you can hear me, in my silence, i screaming all what i feeling. Tell me if you can hear what i saying you silencely.


I need

glance033forteTo close my eyes and take my usual deep breath, cuz as a punch in my stomach i’ve began to feel your closeness so suddenly. All day i didnt feel you and now as if i was dive in another dimension, i have began to feel your closeness in a such way that i felt lost myself. And just look at you, i feel myself again in a world that belong only to us. Our parallel world is so magic. I close my eyes and suddenly your arms embrace me sweetly. For a second we remain so. We dont move us. We can feel only our skin touch. I must to take again a deep breath. Despite our distance, you’re here by my side, you dont take me off your eyes to me. My emotions are exploding as little time bombs. I writing so fast, cuz my emotions run fast, and my head and the stomach has feelings tangle inside. My fingers sometimes, shakes themselves on this keyboard. I have on our music, but i cant following it. My emotions run faster. Your closeness is tangible. Something bigger than us getting connect us, one in another, and inside of our parallel world, we both can feel it, without still realizing, that what we feel it’s a real feeling.


By now (6th open letter to Luke)

mtc033chiariThe only person with whom i can open myself freely that’s you. How many times i’ve told you… many. And also if you dont will read what i wrote, i will continue to. I feel you so close to me that i cant explain what and how i feel this sensations. I feel complete myself, by now, when i  start to write in this open diary. And also if we dont know us eachother, i feel something link us. I still think how all this has began. I asking myself too many questions, and i dont still looking for a valid answer. How many times i told you since i was a child i had some kind of perceptions and that till now they have been dormant. But with you, they have  been awake up again and multiply. The only answer i can give myself is that you have the same mine perceptions since you was a child and in some way, we have been put in touch trough that dream i have made, by now 8 month ago. In that period has began our connection. When i feel these feelings, your closeness is more strong. And what i write to you is just fruit of which i feel. Sometime i feel you, often close to me. And other times i feel you far from me, as if you was busy. But generally, by now, i feel you as if you was by my side and that’s make feel good, above all alive. You make feel alive, and in some way considered by some one (in this case, you). How can i say it? I feel it inside of me. And that’s it does count. I feel it.  And in some way, you know it too. I really dont know if ever you will read this or the other thoughts in this open diary, but i can confess you, when i’ve started to write here, i never imagined to reach these kind of closing with someone. But that’s someone that’s you and what you make feel, simply, i love it and i want whisper you another ‘Thank you’.