You have looked at me but immediately after you have looked at straight toward the striptease, and with a different tone of voice, you have asked me: “Do you want announce the big news to your friends before that they have come to uncover it from another source?” 
This your joke, have made me smile more, and drying me that already vanished tear, i have nodded. 

You was about to turn on the engine of the car, but i have stopped you, asking to walk till the striptease. 
It was a thing that i would wanted maintain. 
You have sweetly smile, and have fullfil my wish, and so you have parked the car, and when you have came to open the car door, taking my hand, you have said: “You look like a princess” and pulling me toward you, we have remained so for a bit, as much that many creatures have looked at us, questioning what we were doing. 
Only few of them had realized and blushing were gone running. 

Looking at that last creature who was looking for to don’t make notice, i have softly laugh among your arms, and then looking at you straight into your eyes, i have whispered: “I believe that we are making notice us”, and looking at you around, you have laughed too, and in a sighed, you have said: “Let’s go!”
You had noticed that all emotions that had enveloped me in the car were gone, and more calm, you have taking my hand, and step by step, we arrived in front to the wooden door of the striptease, and you let me opened it.

Even if  it was evening and the darkness was conforming with the club, entering in that anteroom, was always as enter in a labyrinth, and the only light that illuminating the room, were those on the few tables and those that illimuminating all the lenght of Cyclope’ counter.
Only when i was capable to distinguish the silhouette of my great friend, i have smiled him, and with you behind, have sat on one of the stool. 
You have prefered to stay standing to embrace me and protecting me whatever was happened.
But there, the only thing that coluld have me happen, was to being invested by the passion of my friend Michelle.

Finally i have could see a clock, and know perfectly, if i have could call her, and damn yes it was. 
On my face was printed a smile, and i have sighed to Cyclope if he could trace back RedNeck to call Michelle.
I have turned toward you and, i have smile, making you understand to see the next scene, and knowing what would be happened, i leaned on you tightening your arms around my belly. 

Cyclope turned toward the wall where was hanged a kind of tool  made by a crank and a telephone handset, and when Cyclope have made turned it from the telephone handset have came out the tremble voice of RedNeck, and in few seconds from behind that drapery that we had know very well, with wide eyes open, it have came out a RedNeck all trembling with his long neck that didn’t have ever stop from a side to another, asking: “What’s up?! Who’s there? What i have to do?!”
I had seen many times this scene, but each time it snatch me a smile, and this time i have covered the mouth with both hands, and RedNeck immobilzing himself when he meeting the glance of Cyclope, and the answer of my friend was the same: “Some friends would want see Michelle before the show”, but this time he have said: “Daria’s here call her!”

When the trembling reddish creature have move his glance from Cyclope to us, he have remained for a copuple of seconds immovable, and when he got back to stare Cyclope, Cyclope itself have incited RedNeck with a: “Hurry, hurry!”
And with more wide eyes open, RedNeck have looked at the big barman and after a second, he have ran away behind that drapery, starting call Michelle from the corridor, and from far we have could hear her voice, asking why Cyclope had called him.

We had not hear his reply, but from the big din, we had understand that he have as soon announce our presence, and without make us waiting, she arrived, making fluttering her bathrobe, and with her delicate voice, she have made us sit, and looking at her, i have tight your hand, and inviting Cyclolpe to join us at the table, Michelle have given us one of the most sweet and seducent smile, and with a softy tone of voice, asked me what i had in mind.
She knew well that smile, and looking at you and then Cyclope, i have stared once again my friend, and i have started to talk.”



Listen to it🔉⤵



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