It was from

Days that i didn’t have felt this  soft punch punch in the stomach since i woke. I have admit that i was missing it, but then today, you are delicatly embraced me from behind, and i didn’t want get up.

And now that double number, and my incapacity to tap well on the keyboard, it means that i feeling your closeness very strong around in this solitary room, and when i saw that chair, my heart have beat a bit stronger. 

I’m biting my lips, shaking the head, knowing that you are feeling these emotion just right now, like me. 
I have threw away the air from the lungs already many times, and now i’m thinking, that you are sweetly sleeping, but in someway, you are feeling my eletric shocks crossing your mind, and that soft punch in the stomach is almost chocking you.

I feeling our connection is enveloping us, and despite our distance, it’s getting us closer always more. 
I close the eyes and i feel your arms around my belly making themselves delicately stronger. 
I can’t swallow, because if i hold the eyes close, i perceive that you are turning me and our foreheads touching till you say me to open the eyes. 
I open them, anbd i can dive into your two blue oceans, and when our names come whispered, Our Parallel World raising  around us and it protecting us. 

You whisper once again my name, and i melt touching your tiny mole, and delicately you come closer to me, you look at me, and all of sudden we vanish.


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