After have washed and have me made enjoy once again, feeling my orgasm among your finger, you have looked at me deeply, and at end you have sighed me: “Please don’t change. you are so beautiful so how you are, magically perverse, like how you are” and while you was saying those words, you was touching me yet in an intimate way, and my hands were placed on your bare chest, and i have could feel your heart beating so strong.

We knew,  we have wanted we have would continue to provoking enjoyment each other, but we had to gave us a certain containment to all those  desires till now hidden.
We wanted to take a shower, but without speak, we have shared a glance and we have prefered to refreshen at that sink.
We have would ended to make maybe one of the wildest act of love, or maybe the wildest sex that our minds would could imagine. Maybe another day, but that idea it have get excited us alot that when we have looked that small shower box, we have throw away all the air from the lungs.

I was reading your mind and what you had in mind it had left me breathless. It was really perverse and when we have would do it, there i have would feel myself really more a whore than a princess.
But while, we have refreshen, we had not stop to touch ourselves. I was in front of the sink, and you just behind me.
You was cleaning me from your orgasms, and slowly you was touching all my body. You was looking at me trought the mirror and with your wet hands, you was washing me. 
I knew that i have would have to do the same with you, but mine it would have been only an excuse, and we both knew it.

But in meanwhile, your hands, your fingers, were touching very slowly my body, and after a couple of minutes in which it seemed that we both had undercontrol the situation, i have lifted my head and i have looked at you in the mirror and very slow i have lifted my hands till i have embrace your neck, and there you have could clean me better. 
My moans have started again when you have tightened stronger my nipples. 
The warm water that you have collected, have slided across my body, and when it have slided among my legs, just in the middle of my intimate lips, i have sighed your name, and i have looked at you throught that small mirror. 

I had the hands around your neck, yet, but i have left the hold and with one, i have guided that hand that was cleaning my belly, toward my inner thighs and i have guided till those lips, and when i have placed it on them, slowly, without any effort the longest finger have entered inside me yet.
You have looked at that slow approach through the mirror, and when you have seen my enjoyment while you was making enter that finger, you have sighed: “Oh my god Daria!” and you have continued to stared me throught the mirror, while you was starting to make me enjoy.

I have placed my hand once again around your neck, and you was fascinated by my face. 
Your finger movement were slow, but at the same decisive. 
Me, i was on another universe, for the enjoyement you was making me feel, but when i have perceive your desire become hard against my ass, i have waited a couple of minutes, before to turn myself and  taking you by surprise, and when our glances have met, i was ready to welcome you inside me and easily your desire entered in a warm and very wet intimate place, where in few thrusts we would have reach the climax, and this time it was enough just few seconds. 

Our senses were exploding from inside,. We were looking at the same wonder one in another, and when  mine orgasm have esploded inside you, and your have pervaded me, we have screamed for the enjoyment that we were feeling unison. 
Those two orgasms seemed have no end, and maybe our hearts were about splash out from our chest, but what we were looking at into the eyes of who we were looking at, it was the expression  of that pure enjoyment that not even in a whole life nobody had even felt.

I have felt your orgasm exploding inside me like a warm bullet, and you was tasting yet, my small contractions that had kept tight your desire while shooting your fluid inside my body, and now they were  loosening the hold.
We have looked at each other, and now thinking go out, it was a impracticable thing. 
Tired, exhausted, we have looked at each other, and good clean we got back in that room, and we have sat on that couch. 
We have looked at each other, and without say nothing you have made me leaned on your chest. 
We were still bare. We had no need dress. We wanted see our bare bodies, and feeling our sex moods.
Excitin us even in this way.”


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