Here it is

Your sweet embrace from behind, and my soft punch in the stomach growing. 
I feel your closeness making itself always more strong. Your presence is filling my soul.
You make me beat sweetly strong the heart. 

Your arms around my belly delicately, and your  words are hammering my heads
Even if you have not read what i have wrote, you have felt it inside your soul, and what you have felt, it have been very intimate, and nolw our minds are communiucating through our sweet electric shocks

Our Parallel World is wrapping us, and despite our distance everything around has become  something tangible. 
I feel your hands around my belly, and your whisoers are the only things that i want hear in this bedroom. 
I can perceive your perfume penetrating me. I close the eyesand i can feel you closer than i can imagine.
I know in someway, you are reading what i have sent you, and in those lines, you are looking for to understand what is happening to you. 
I feel our connection stronger than ever, and really slow, you are comprehending that what you are feeling, in part, has come from those stones, and that thin thread is in the middle of them. 

Everything have begin  from that small electric shock of seven years ago.
I know it’s strange even for me, but we have to give ourselves to this magical connection. 
Whe have to throw away all the air the from the lungs, and for few seconds has back normal, but then our hearts starts to beat unregularly once again. 
It’s normal. It’s Our Parallel World that is envelope us in his magic.



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