Even you

Are feeling our connection making itself each day is pass always stronger, and those feeling that i’m describing are so real because in someways, even you are living them in a strong way. 

From two day i’m feeling your embrace from behind, and and our connection it’s always stronger than we can imagine. 
These sensations that we are feeling, are really deep, and they touch our intimate part in a delicate way. Delicate way that little by little is transforming in  only and unique in which we want feel.

I feel your closeness making itself in the only one way in which i want feel you. 
I close the eyes and i want feel your hands tight me delicately to you
I feel your heart exploding with mine. Your sweet words are wrapping my being, while you are reading what i’m writing in this open diary, and your hands are touching sweetly my body. 

I can feel our connection stronger than ever. 
Our stones are communicating each other, and we are inside their intertwinninng despite our distance.

What we are feeling, starts from the our soft punch in the stomach and is developing trought the body, making us see our souls dancing in the air. They are making love. They are uniting themselves in the strongest way possible and we can feel their union, making us feel  always more united each other, and our electric shocks are their witnessing. 

What we are feeling in these instants is our soul union making itself always more tangible trought our connection, and throught what we are feeling in these wonderful days that we are living in these period. 

It’s one thing that i’m living only with you, and i believe you are feeling it too. I’m sure of it.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard while i’m writing this. 
My heart is beating like a crazy like your in this instant.
We are think to each other, and this is the most beautiful thing that we can living, even we are far each other. 


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