In silence we settled on the couch, and we have gave a glimpse to the window behind the chair where Dazz was about to sit. We have looked at each other and me with a soft voice, and you with language sign, we have wished goodnight to that creature. 
Unconsciously, we knew that we would not close the eyes, but we had to sleep.

Sweetly, you have welcomed me in your arms wrapping with that big blanket that we were using each night.
Usual, we have left turned on the light in front of the door. A light that was illuminating the entire room without annoy. As how we could see, Dazz , with his legs on the desk was already sleeping, and when our glances have met, you have whispered: “It have been a hard day for him” and you have kissing my forehead, and came closer to my lips, you have kissed them, then you have whispered: “Let’s try to sleep even us”, and you have embraced me strong to you.
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, placing my hands on your chest, and i have listened to you saying: “You see this time, we will defeat him definitely.”, and  you have heard me once again throw away the air from the lungs.

A soft rain was still falling. Some thunders were roaring from far, and we knew that it wasn’t the mother nature, but only Raikin who was reminding us of his presence. 
When we have saluted Dazz, we had totally forgot the glass on the little table in front of the couch, with the amethyst pendant inside. 
It wasn’t have happened for all the time we had stared it, and with all the tiredness that we had, it was remained there.

In those moments, the tension that we had built up in those hours had given up, and without realizing it we both fell asleep, and Dazz’s snoring accompanied us into that silence that we didn’t want to hear, but by now, entered and it flowed relentlessly in our veins, and it would have been a sign of great danger if we had not heard it again in those hours.
Like in the shack of the three witches we have could sleep, without have surprises.

In that little apartment was reigning a total calm, but something was about to happen.
In the dark zone of the room a tiny sparkle of purple light, have appeared, then it have vanished righ after, then it have appeared it once again, but this time it wasn’t only one, but two, then they are vanished for then appeared once again with a third one, and this magical game, it have lasted till the room have been sorrounded but a soft purple light, and it have wrapped us.

That soft purple light have wander silently in our apartment, wrapping delicately everything, above all the maps of the city that we had carried away from the police deparment, leaving something invisible on them.
We have no realized of nothing, but in olur sleep we have could feel something like a female voice from far that was tranquilizing us, and she have repeated it several times, till  our heart have beat unison like two jackhammers.
Despite we were sleeping, we have have could feel them. Me with my hand on your chest, and you was tightening me to you. 

When we woke ourselves, we have looked at us, as if  we knew  what was thinking the other, but we have said nothing. We only have smiled a bit interdict about those sensation ever felt before, and both, we have stared that glass with the amethyst pendant inside.
Slowly i have took it and i have drink some sips of that water then i have gave it to you, and you have done the same. We have left the last sips for Dazz, who was still sleeping, but it was the time wake him up.

When have came close to him, i have touched him on one his shoulders speaking him, knowing that the vibrations of my voice have would delicately wake him up.
Slowly he have opened the eyes, and before to realize where he was, he have looked at himself around, then he have looked at us, remembering what was happened the previous hours. 
“You are in our apartment…” you have said him looking at him a bit confused, but it wasn’t where he was, but what was happened in that apartment that it had got confused him.

I had carried also the glass with the water and the pendant still inside, and only i have handed it out to him, he have looked it for a while, and then he have said: “It is from  there that it come from”. Then he have took it and he have examined it deeper, and just after he have looked at us questioning us if we were feel the same sensation, and without esitation, we have nodded, knowing very well what Dazz wanted say, and after that he have drink the water, we have shared a glance.”



Listen to it 🔉⤵




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