You have

Woke me delicately with your embrace around my belly, and our sweet communication has beginning.
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and our connection have surrounded us. 
From when my parcel have arrived, i didn’t feel our connection no more.

Just now i have the confirmation that you have retired it, and you have seen everything i wanted sent you. 
I have seen you smile look curiously inside the package. 
My hands are still trembling  on this keyboard, thinking that in these instants, you are surrounded by my little things, above all by my little important and magical stones.

Your closeness is stronger than ever. I feel you next to me, whispering my name.
My head is exploding, and Our Parallel World is lifting around us, with our emotions.
In someway you are try to let me know that you have all my things. 
I know it. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is present since when i woke.
I feel you strongly.

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because i can see you with my Larimar stone. 
Our souls are finding themselves, and they are dancing our slow dance.


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