For how

Much far is our distance, in these hours i can feel your closeness so close. 
Everything is turning around Our Parallel World, and it’s so wonderful that what i can feel isn’t disincreased since when my parcel is in your hands, on the contrary it’s wonderfully daily present.
I can feel your presence around me, and i have throw away all the air from the lungs to get calm my heart that is beating like a jackhammer.

I can see you surrounded by my stones and you are still studying them better, while you are reading part of my written, or while you are listening to that mp3 has becoming my daily background.
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and i can feel our soft punch in the stomach growing each minutes. 

I staring our Labradorite and our Larimar and i want think that there is something magical in these two stones that really is bonding us really strong.
I feel you that are tightening me delicately from behind, and pulling my body toward chest. 
I have to close the eyes and i feeling your arms, and from very far i can feel you who are whisper my name. 

You would wanted have say me something. I know that is so.
Your closeness is contastly present from two days. I can feel you, and it’s a feeling to which i never get use to be. It’s always  overwhelmed  me.
And now that i pulled out our crystals , i can feel our vibrations flowing inside them
I see Dagaz, Uruz and Fehu. Our Parallel World is opening itself in front of us, and with all my strenght finally i have been able to reach you, and with my perserverance i have capable to give part of my little important things, and now they are your.

I hope you understad how much important you are for me. and that this our connection is linking us always stronger. Can you feel it? 


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