We were fallen asleep embraced in our office so calm exhausted of that unlikely adventure in that castle, butwhen we have opened the eyes that city that by now we have considered our, it didn’t existed no longer.
As soon we have opened the eyes, something sinister, have wrappend our senses.
A void had swallowed the buzz of the city that usual was wakenig up, and the only noise we could hear it was the wind that was moving the leafs ont the concrete, and seemed that the inhabitants were vanished or they were escaped.
That void had wrapped our souls, and the only anchors to which we have could grip ourselves were our glances.
And they were only scared glances.

We had immediately understand, that something have happened.
That deafening silence was unbearable, and our heart was startig to beat always faster. 
We had got up to go to see throught the only window of the office outside.
And the nightmare of the chubby creature have got us back in mind everything, and only when we have looked at us straight into the eyes, the panic have overwhelmed us, but it have been just for few few seconds, but that idea have housed in our minds for long time.

It seemed that in city there were no one. We were the only two people. 
Our hearts have beating so strong that we have could hear them resounding inside and outside and even around us.
I have looked at you woith wide eyes open. 
I was scared even to sigh your name. I didn’t, but when i have jumped backward inside the office, i have asked: “What have happened?” i have said in a thread of voice that not even me i have heard.

For a second, you have looked at outside the window once again, then your glance have towarded by me.
I knew, you had something in mind, but what you wanted do i would be not liked at all. 
But before you have wanted checked the telephone, and when you have lifted the handset and have heardt if there was the line, you have looked at me. 
It was useless speak. 
Each seconds that you have waited for hear the phone line, the void got possession in your gaze. 
Slowly you have hang the handset, and when you have left the hand from the telephone, you have came closer to me and you have whispered as if someone have could heard you: “We have to go out…”.

I knew, you had right, but something inside me didn’t wanted do it. 
I have remained next my desk, while you was taking my raincoat and your leather jacket from that small cupboard in front to the door of that office, and slowly you returned invited me to wear that overcoat. 
You have helped me without stick off your glance from mine.

As detectives of that city, we had understand what have happened.
Both ready, we have looked at outside the window a last time, while that silence was still enveloping everything.
Even each our steps seemed giant’ steps.
We have not came out from the building that, already, that void had almost swallowed us inside his invisible but  unrelenting vortex.

Outside there was the sun, but a breeze that freezing the blood, and that silence sound have entering in our ears, making us listen to some strange noises. 
We were walking in that desolate city, that it didn’t seemed no more our city, but there were every shops, those shopwindows that we had loved see, those small coffee-bar with their chairs around the small tables, and even the striptease club of Michelle, but everything seemed swept away.
We have stopped infront of the wooden dor and one by one we have looked at inside.

When i seen that scene, i have moved backward, looking at you scared, and with the heart in throat, i have said: “What happened!” 
It seemed that everybody were escaped in prey to the panic. 
The counter of Cyclope was full of glasses scattered on it, some broken, some overturned, and the usual rag he usedwas on the floor, and the brownish drapery at the bottom of the anteroom was snatched, and now we could see the big salon, even him in a big disorder. 
When we have seen one of the ostrich feather of Michelle, we have looked at each other with wide eyes open, and her name have came out chocked from my mouth. 

I didn’t wanted stick off my eyes from that stage, but only after a couple of minutes, i have taken courage, and slowly i have directed my glance toward you repeating her name.
You have embraced me tight, lookming at yourself around, staring that building to the opposite sidewalk of the striptease. 
The only building in which we would could find some news on what was happened. 

Looking at me, you have made understand to want go there.
But in the middle of the solitary street a sound of chains it have made shiver us.
All of a sudden we have stopped.
We have would could recognize those chains from far, and that name have came out as if someone wanted hear it pronnounced. 
Staring at each other, in a thread of voice,  a name.


Listen to it🔉⤵




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