When i will see

That written, i will have the certainty that you have received my parcel. 
Till that moment my heart will beat like a crazy, and everything will turns around Our Parallel World.
But in someways, i know you have read those small messages, and even,  you are waiting for it.

Now, small electric shocks are crossing our minds. That’s me.
Our Parallel World will be open more when that package will arrive, and you will open it.
This time is my connection that wants reach you, and in someway i’m able to make you feel my closeness. 
As you make me feel you embrace, i i can feel your heart starts to beat strong, and in my head i can hear your voice that delicately call me.

I throw away all the air from the lungs. Slowly i perceive,  i have been able to make you open slowly your eyes. And in these seconds our connection has began.
And that double number has arrived, and everything have became how it have to be.

When it will be marked as delivered, something mine will be in your hands, and i ever will know if it you liked, but i’m sure our connection will be stronger. 
They will be exhausting hours. Already i throw away all the air from the lungs.


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