As soon i have seen

The name of your country in that track of the parcel, my heart have began to beat strong, and in someway our connection have begin to turn around us fast, and our soft punch in the stomach ihave grown slowly, and that tiny sensanstion in our heads have started to create that sweet atmosphere that only Our Parallel World can create.

I close the eyes and i feel your hands around my belly, and the only thing that i can feel is your voice. 
Your hands are tightening me more to your chest, and slowly you turn me. 
My eyes are down, but with delicateness you lift my face, and our eyes meet.

We remain in silence, but we say us everything.
My heart is exploding, and i place your hand on my chest. I don’t say nothing, but i look at you straight into your eyes. 
I shy smile you, and you smile me with your glance. 
They are these the moments i adore more.
The moments in which, with really tiny gestures, we express everything we feeling.
And another double number have appeared in this instant. 

I throw away all the air from the lungs to look for don’t go crazy, but it’s impossible. 
Every this small signs will means something??

Now i will follow the latest steps of my parcel, when i will see delivered, i will know that it will be arrived, and you will have taken it. 
Just few days and part of my life, maybe the most important, will be in your hands.
I look at you, and my heart explode.


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